THE KING OF FIGHTERS - Bushiroad Sleeve Collection HG Vol.4021 - Kyo Kusanagi [PRE-ORDER](RELEASE JAN24)

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Pre-order Closes: LATE-NOVEMBER-2023
Estimated Delivery: FEBRUARY-2024

The 688th Sleeve Collection High Grade is now available!
From THE KING OF FIGHTERS comes the sleeve of Kyo Kusanagi!

What is Sleeve Collection High Grade?
The introduction of silver film has dramatically improved the coloring compared to conventional silver printed sleeves, and the characters are beautifully printed!
The silver film also gives the sleeves a more expressive finish.

Pack of 75 sleeves
Size: 92 x 67 mm
Material: PP + silver film, made in Japan
Surface: Transparent
Backside: 5-color printing (4 colors + white)

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