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Tamagotchi Uni Pink has a unique design with a wavy pattern and translucent blue back♪

The bright colors and cute design makes it fashionable and fun to carry around.

  • UNIQUE. Raise a UniTama that’s one-of-a-kind, inside and out, with unique personalities, accessories and decorating.
  • UNITED. Connect Tamagotchi Uni devices to play together, craft together, exchange items and propose
  • UNIVERSAL. Link to the world through the Tamaverse where you can meet characters from around the world, sample global fashions and share your UniTama’s style, go on globetrotting adventures and meet the partner of your UniTama’s dreams and get married!
  • ACCESSORY. Wear it on your wrist with the included pink band to take it with you wherever you go and to interact in new ways! Has a pink shell with blue and green, blue buttons and a blue-translucent back.
  • MINI GAMES. Match your characters move in the Dance game, serve hamburgers in the Fast Food game and enjoy a seasonal game to earn Gotchi points to order food delivery, go shopping at the Tama Mall and more!
  • CHARACTERS. Over 20 Adult characters to nurture which are a mixture of popular and new characters.
  • RECHARGEABLE. Comes with a rechargeable battery and USB-C cord.
  • UPDATES. Wi-Fi allows for updates for exclusive download items and new Tamaverse areas. Parental controls available.
  • MULTILINGUAL. Choose from 7 languages for gameplay: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese


What is “Tama Sticker”?

A sticker with a 16-digit download code that allows you to get limited items.

Wear limited items and go out to Tamaverse!

“Tama Stickers” will be distributed at campaigns and events in the future.

*Bandai does not sell protective sheets for LCD screens.
* The play content is the same for all colors.
*Final colors may vary slightly.

・Tamagotchi Uni Pink Device… 1
・Charging Cable… 1
・Instruction Manual… 1

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