Marvel Universe - ARTFX Artist Series 1/6 Complete Figure - VENOM (Armed & Dangerous) [PRE-ORDER](RELEASE DEC24)

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Pre-order Closes: END-JULY-2024
Release Date: DECEMBER-2024

Kotobukiya launches their "ARTFX Artist Series" figure lineup, which brings you characters created from the unique perspectives of cutting-edge Japanese artists!

Venom from Marvel Comics is an overwhelmingly massive figure drawn by Hiroyuki Imaishi, a director and animator who has worked on numerous original anime series such as "Kill la Kill" and the movie "Promare" at the animation studio TRIGGER.

Venom appears with a body of extraordinary volume, characterized by huge and powerful arms. His thick, bulging muscles are covered with blood vessels, and he's about to launch a counterattack! Sculptor Keita Misono has created a three-dimensional version of Imaishi's unique, overflowing design, filled with love and respect for Marvel and American comics, under Imaishi's full supervision.

This results in a work of art with an unparalleled presence, and to make the most of this amazing design, the figure is colored with a Majola paint. This paint, which changes its appearance depending on the angle from which it's viewed, brings out the beauty of each and every muscle, and provides a perfect medium to express the flesh of this unique character! Order this awesome figure for your own collection today!

Approx 220mm



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