Genshin Impact - Genshin Paimon Delicacies Blind Box Figurine [INSTOCK]

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Full set of 6

Official Genshin Impact Merchandise

Emergency food Paimon figure toy in blind box! Wanna draw one to randomly, or have the appetite for the whole set meal, it’s up to you!

  • Official Product Name (Chinese): 「才不是应急食品!」派蒙美食主題盲盒
  • Size: around 4cm – 6cm (height)
  • Material: PVC / ABS / paper
  • Option: One random figure in one blind box / Set of 6 blind boxes (no repeat)

Product Showcase

In display order from left to right:

  • Flaming Red Bolognese (派蒙 火火肉酱面) – Size: around 47mm x 58mm x 57m
  • “Pile ‘Em Up” (派蒙 堆高高) – Size: around 47mm x 62mm x 57mm
  • Fisherman’s Toast (派蒙 渔人吐司) – Size: around 45mm x 39mm x 57mm
  • Qingce Stir Fry (派蒙 轻策农家菜) – Size: around 48mm x 48mm x 57mm
  • Adeptus’ Temptation (派蒙 仙跳墙) – Size: around 39mm x 33mm x 58mm
  • Tea Break Pancake(派蒙 庄园烤松饼) – Size: around 48mm x 51mm x 43mm


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