Digimon Partners - Memory Illustration Project Acrylic Photo Frame Calendar [INSTOCK]

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A memory illustration project for Digimon fans by Digimon fans born from the first DP fan meeting. Anime, toys, cards, games, music, meet-and-greets... Five illustrators who have a high affinity with Digimon drew hints from the various memorable scenes that fans have spent with Digimon. Let's get a grated illustration and make goods using that illustration! This is a project called.
From such a project, a definitive calendar for Digimon fans that can also be used as an acrylic photo frame is now available!
In addition to cards using memory illustrations, a calendar card with a large collection of key visuals from the Digimon anime series is included.
Set cards in any combination to create your own Digimon calendar!
The body frame adopts a design decided by Digimon Partners voting.
At the bottom of the frame, the digital letters of "EVOLUTION" decided by the votes of the participants of the 1st Partners Meeting are also laid out!
This calendar is designed as a calendar that can be used forever, and we have prepared two patterns with different patterns for February so that it can be used in leap years!
Also, on June 26th, the release date of the first generation LCD toy "DIGITAL MONSTER", and on August 1st, the commemorative day when children first landed in the digital world in the TV animation "Digimon Adventure". Expressed with icons and Digivice icons!
Get a special calendar for Digimon fans born from the thoughts, love and ideas of Digimon fans!

Memories of Digimon liquid crystal toys: Kenji Watanabe
■Memories of Digimon Games: A's Maria
■Memories of Digimon Card Games: Takase
■Memories of Digimon Offline

Meetings: Kanade Moriyama
■ Memories 
of Digimon Anime: Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru
 Comes with a novelty card of the theater work "Digimon Adventure 02 THE BEGINNING" scheduled to be released on the same day. [Product specifications] Size (approx.):

[Product Specifications]
W410mm x H330mm x D250mm 
Acrylic frame: 205 x 151mm Calendar,
illustration card: 90 x 127mm Weight: 400g


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