Digimon Card Game - Digimon Liberator D-STORAGE Set [PRE-ORDER](RELEASE NOV24)

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Digimon card game web comic ­ "D-STORAGE" that appears in "Digimon Liberator" is commercialized as a deck case!
~ 6 Digimon cards with parallel designs are also included! ~


Product Description
"D-STORAGE" itself, which is an important item that appears in the new Digimon card game project "DIGIMON LIBERATOR" which is being serialized in a popular web comic, and 6 Digimon cards with new illustrations. We will be releasing the "Digimon Card Game Digimon Liberator D-STORAGE Set" which includes the following.

The D-STORAGE main body is a deck case with a gimmick that allows you to transform it into a double-opening case with your hands and a card storage section will appear.
The card storage section can store 55 Digimon cards stored in the Digimon Card Game Official Card Sleeve. A sticker with the "D-STORAGE" logo printed on it is affixed to the front of the main unit.

*This product does not include the Digimon Card Game official card sleeve.
*This product does not include any Digimon cards other than those included in the set.
*This product is compatible with card sleeves of approximately 67mm x approximately 92mm.

There are 6 types of parallel design Digimon cards. We will include one each of "Pteromon", "Galemon", "Teruto Kazashin", "Shumon", "Shushumon", and "Arisa Jonosaki".
*This card is a parallel version of the card already released in Bandai's "Digimon Card Game".
*This card may be distributed at a later date in promotions related to the "Digimon Card Game".
*This card may be released as a "Digimon Card Game" related product at a later date.

With D-STORAGE, you can enjoy Digimon cards by becoming characters that appear in "Digimon Liberator."

Set contents
D-STORAGE body...1
Digimon card game Digimon Liberator D-STORAGE set included Digimon card...6

Product size
D-STORAGE body...H approx. 145 mm x W approx. 110 mm x D approx. 100 mm
Digimon card game Digimon Liberator D-STORAGE Set included Digimon card...H approx. 88mm x W approx. 63mm

Product material
Digimon card game Digimon Liberator D-STORAGE set included Digimon card...Paper


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