Digimon Adventure 25th Anniversary Anime Series Acrylic Stand [PRE-ORDER] (RELEASES JUL-AUG24)

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Items commemorating the 25th anniversary of Digimon Adventure are now available!

Commercialize gorgeous newly drawn illustrations that bring together successive protagonists!

Digimon Adventure Taichi: Approx. W48 x H56mm Agumon: Approx. W42 x H41mm Logo: Approx. W47 x H25mm
Digimon Adventure 02 Daisuke: Approx. W37 x H57mm Vimon: Approx. W34 x H47mm Logo: Approx. W40 x H28mm
Digimon Tamers Hiroto: Approx. W38 x H58mm Guilmon: Approx. W49 x H46mm Logo: Approx. W48 x H21mm
Digimon Frontier Takuya: Approx. W40 x H56mm Agunimon: Approx. W53 x H63mm Logo: Approx. W41 x H30mm
Digimon Savers Large: Approx. W44 x H57mm Agumon: Approx. W49 x H44mm Logo : Approx. W43 x H26mm
Digimon Xros Wars (Taiki Shoutmon) Taiki: Approx. W49 x H61mm Shoutmon: Approx. W47 x H53mm Logo: Approx. W40 x H29mm
Digimon Cross Wars (Tagiru Gumdramon) Tagiru: Approx. W37 x H59mm Gumdramon: Approx. W43 x H54mm Logo: Approx. W40 x H29mm
App Monsters Hull: Approx. W35 x H58mm Gatchmon: Approx. W49 x H49mm Logo: Approx. W45 x H20mm
Digimon Ghost Game Air: Approx. W32 x H53mm Gammamon: Approx. W42 x H40mm Logo: Approx. W47 x H21mm

Pedestal: Approximately W55 x H60mm


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*Size specifications may have some errors.
*Each item sold separately.


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