Jujutsu Kaisen - Jujutsucchi 0 Tamagotchi [PREORDER] (RELEASES MAR-APR23)

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Including characters and famous scenes that appeared in the theatrical version of the TV anime "Jujutsu Kaisen", Tamagotchi collaboration product " Jujutsutsucchi 0" will be released!

By giving Yuta Otobone rice balls and snacks and taking care of them, and by playing mini games, members of the Tokyo Metropolitan Magic College, Kyoto School members, Natsuyu Suguru, etc. , You can train 13 characters.

There are three types of mini-games in total: "VS Miguel" where you hit the button repeatedly to avoid the "black rope", "Crepe Satsuei" where you press the button at the right time to take a picture of the crepe, and Maki Otsukotsu.・You can play "I♡ (Love) Panda" to complete "I (Love) Panda" by pressing the button at the right time while the panda motif is spinning.

Miguel, Mimiko, and Nanako from Natsuyu's school will appear in the mini-game, and you can also see the performance of Otsukotsu's classmate Panda.

Also, at a certain time, special characters such as Rika Inorimoto and Meimei will appear, and scenes with characters such as Natsuyu Ichiha and Takuma Ino will be played.

Okkotsucchi Color.........1
Gojocchi Color................1
Getouchi Color...............1

* The content of the play is the same for all colors.

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