Tokyo Revengers - HUGMY Tamagotchi (Takemicchi/Chifuyucchi Ver.) [PRE-ORDER] (RELEASES MAR-APR23)

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"Hugmy Tamagotchi" is a cute figure of a character hugging "Toribecchi". It is also possible to remove the "Toribecchi" main body and decorate it with a single soft vinyl figure.

The attached "Toribecchi" body has a design based on the image of each character limited to this set, and the Takemitchi ver. Fuyucchi ver. is a design inspired by Chifuyu, such as black cats and snowflakes. 

There are more than 30 types of characters that can be trained in "Toribecchi", including the main character Takemichi Hanagaki, Tokyo Revengers members Manjiro Sano and Ken Ryuguji, Mizonaka members, Kokuryu members, Roppongi charisma, and more.

The play contents are packed with elements inspired by "Tokyo Revengers", and you can play mini games such as motorcycle races and crane games. Also, if you clear the mini-game, depending on the training character, you can see the appearance of Emma, ​​Yuzuha, and Hina.

In addition, at regular intervals, you can see impressive scenes in the work of "Tokyo Revengers", and characters other than training characters will also appear.

Tamagotchi HUGMY Set Takemicchi Ver........1
Tamagotchi HUGMY Set Chifuyucchi Ver.......1

Tamagotchi Approx. 4cm
Soft Vinyl Figure Approx. 10cm


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