Vital Bracelet BE - Digimon 25th Anniversary BE SET [INSTOCK]

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25th Anniversary of the Birth of Digital Monsters! Introducing a new wearable LCD toy "VITAL BRACELET BE" commemorative set.

VITAL BRACELET BE main body and original brown / original gray replacement cover limited to this product, which is based on the image of "Digital Monster Ver.1" released 25 years ago, BEMEMORY Digital Monster 25th Anniversary Dim, drawn by Digimon designer Kenji Watanabe A set of colored paper commemorating the 25th anniversary of Digital Monster. The VITAL BRACELET BE body, which has a limited color for the replacement cover and buttons, is an item limited to this product.

The status of the breeding Digimon will change according to your training results and number of times. The harder you train, the stronger your partner Digimon will be.
Together with the one and only partner Digimon, it is possible to challenge real-time online battles with tamers around the world through a dedicated app. From this time, the battle is a 2 to 2 battle.

In addition, the main body is waterproof equivalent to IPX4, and the thickness is about 10% thinner than the conventional Vital Breath, making it easy to play.

This product can cultivate the monochrome dot Digimon that appeared in "Digital Monster Ver.1 (Brown / Gray)" released in 1997. By inserting the included BEMEMORY into the VITAL BRACELET BE main unit, you will be able to train Digimon. Digimon that can be cultivated from the first time include a nostalgic lineup centered on Agumon, MetalGreymon (virus species), etc. that were recorded in "Digital Monster Ver.1".
In addition, to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Digital Monsters, it is possible to train Monzaemon, the ultimate body of Monzaemon, which was not recorded in the toys at that time.

Also, by clearing the designated chapter of ADVENTURE, the evolution route of Pulsemon will be released. This product is the first time that the evolution route of Pulsemon appears in black and white dots.

In addition, you can enjoy hot real-time online battles with tamers all over the world through the new app scheduled to be released in the fall of 2022.

All items other than those included with this product are sold separately.

・ Digital Monster Limited Cover (Original Brown) VITAL BRACELET BE Body -… 1
・ Digital Monster Limited Cover (Original Gray)… 1
・ BE MEMORY Digital Monster 25th Anniversary Dim… 1
・ Digital Monster 25th Anniversary Shikishi Ver. DIGIMON EVOLUTION… 1
・ Charging Cable… 1
・ Instruction Manual… 1

Li-ion x 1 (built-in)
* A USB port such as a personal computer is required for charging.


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