BE MEMORY - Digimon Seekers Ryudamon Dim & Dorumon Dim [PRE-ORDER] (RELEASE OCT -NOV23)

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A new BEMEMORY of "Digimon Seekers ", a popular web novel series from "Digital Monster", is now available!

Now releasing, a set of BEMEMORY that can train Digimon, including
"Ryudamon" and "Dorumon" that appear in the new project "Digimon Seekers" of the digimon series that is being serialized by WEB Novell.

"BEMEMORY DIGIMON SEEKERS Ryudamon Dim" is linked with the VITAL BRACELET BE series (sold separately), and is centered on the evolution line of "Ryuudamon". "BEMEMORY DIGIMON SEEKERS Dorumon Dim" is linked with the separately sold VITAL BRACELET BE series, centering on the evolution line of "Dorumon", Digimon related to the extremist crack team "SoC (Sons of Chaos)", etc. You can train many Digimon. The BEMEMORY of ``BEMEMORY DIGIMON SEEKERS Ryuudamon Dim'' bears the mark of the Metropolitan Police Department's Cyber ​​Crime Division Investigation Section 11, ``Deji vs'', while the BEMEMORY of ``BEMEMORY DIGIMON SEEKERS Dormon Dim'' bears the mark of the militant crack team ``SoC''

BEMEMORY DIGIMON SEEKERS Dormon Dim...............1

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