Digimon - The Digimon Mini Figurines - New Collection Volume 3 (Set of 4)[INSTOCK]

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"The Digimon", which is a set of cages and figures released in 1998, is reprinted as a NEW COLLECTION.

In addition to the three types of Botamon & Koromon & Mamemon, Airdramon, and Seadramon released in the past, Omegamon, which is a fusion of WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon, has been newly added.

[Set Contents]
The Digimon (Figure, Cage Case) ... 4 sets
(Botamon & Koromon & Mamemon, Airdramon, Seadramon , Omegamon)

[Product Size]
Figure (Botamon & Koromon) ... H approx. 16.3 mm x W approx. 34.6 mm x D approx. 26.9mm
Figure (Mamemon) ... H approx. 21.1mm x W approx. 31.7mm x D approx. 17.3mm
Figure (Airdramon)… H approx. 40.3mm × W approx. 41.3mm × D approx. 48.0mm
Figure (Seadramon)… H approx. 42.4mm × W approx. 33.6mm × D approx. 52.8mm 
Figure (Omegamon)… H approx. 44.2mm × W Approximately 49.0 mm x D approx 22.1 mm
Cage type case ... Each H approximately 58 mm x W approximately 63 mm x D approx 63 mm

[Product Material]
Figure ... PVC
cage type case ... ABS

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