Vital Bracelet BE - Digivice VV [INSTOCK]

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"VITAL BRACELET BE Digivice -VV-" is now available from the wearable liquid crystal toy!

It is a new Digivice scheduled to appear in the TV anime "Digimon Ghost Game". Includes pre-order bonus: BEMEMORY Imperialdramon Dim!!!

You can meet various Digimon by walking, and you can enjoy developing your character through exercise. The main body is waterproof equivalent to IPX4, so you can enjoy exercising without worrying about rain or splashes.

By inserting the separately sold interlocking item "BEMEMORY", you can change the playable area and breeding Digimon in ADVENTURTE. One "BEMEMORY Gammamon Dim" that contains the evolution line of "Gammamon" is included.

・ Vital Bracelet BE Digivice VV…............. 1
・ BE Memory Gammamon Dim...........… 1
・ Charging Cable… 1
・ Instruction Manual… 1

Li-ion x 1 (built-in)


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