Digimon Tamers - Super Complete Selection Animation D-Ark ver. Hiroto Matsuda ULTIMATE [PREORDER] (RELEASE OCT -NOV23)

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From the anime "Digimon Tamers"
comes the "SCSA D-Arc ver. Keito Matsuda ULTIMATE", which enables individual recognition with a high-resolution LCD and NFC tags
. Detail up to a shape close to the one in the play-

Product description
A high-quality brand for adults "SuperCompleteSelection Animation" (abbreviation: abbreviation: SCSA) series will be commercialized.

The contents of the set are the SCSA D-Ark ver. Keito Matsuda ULTIMATE main body and 12 SCSA D-Ark dedicated Digimon cards linked with the main body.
The appearance of the main body is a new molding, about 1.1 times scaled up from the liquid crystal toy released in 2001. Around the liquid crystal, by engraving "Digimon Tamers" in digital letters, it became a shape close to the image of D'Ark that appeared in the work.
In addition, a high-resolution full-color liquid crystal is mounted on the liquid crystal. It is possible to display various animations on the full screen.

NFC tags are installed on all the included SCSA D-Arc Digimon cards.
All cards can be recognized individually by card slashing on the main unit.
When you slash the card into the main body, the voice of the main character, Keito Matsuda (voice: Makoto Tsumura), activates the voice "Card slash!". A unique sound will play depending on which card you slash. By slashing "Super Evolution Plug-in S" or "Blue Card", you can regenerate the evolution bank of Guilmon's evolution Digimon. Furthermore, by performing certain operations, it is possible to evolve into Dukemon: Crimson Mode and Megidramon.
The cards that can be used are not only the SCSA D-Arc Digimon card that comes with this product, but also the SCSA D-Ark that comes with the already released "SCSA D-Ark (ver. Keito Matsuda/ver. Ruki Makino/ver. Ken-ryang Lee)". Ark dedicated Digimon cards can also be used.
Hidden voice is activated by slashing the "Red Card" attached to this product to the already released "SCSA D-Ark (ver. Keito Matsuda / ver. Ruki Makino / ver. Ken-ryang Lee)".

The voice includes many character voices of Hiroto Matsuda and Guilmon. Furthermore, in addition to the new voices of Grani, Impmon, and Beelzebumon, the voices of Ruki Makino, Renamon, Kunliang Lee, Terriermon, and Curumon are also included.
In addition to the theme song "The Biggest Dreamer", the included songs include the ending theme "My Tomorrow" and "Days -Ai to Nichijou-". In addition, the impressive card slash and evolution songs are recorded in the program.

As other functions, it is equipped with "Digimon search function" and "Digimon commentary function" that appear in the work.
The "Digimon commentary function" has been significantly upgraded from the already released SCSA D-Arc. You can listen to the original Digimon commentary of all 25 Digimon.
In addition, this product can adjust the brightness and volume of the screen. In addition, it is equipped with a switching setting function according to the application, such as a function that can turn off the character voice when slashing cards.

Set Contents
SuperCompleteSelectionAnimation D-Arc ver. Keito Matsuda ULTIMATE Body... 1
SuperCompleteSelectionAnimation D-Ark Dedicated Digimon Card... 12
(Blue Card, Super Evolution Plugin S, Red Card, Andromon, King Device, Queen Device, Night Device, High-speed plug-in T, disable plug-in P, enhanced plug-in O, battle tomahawk, aero wing)
Instruction manual ... 1

product size
SuperCompleteSelectionAnimation D-Ark ver. Hiroto Matsuda ULTIMATE body ... H about 165mm x W about 75mm x D about 50mm
SuperCompleteSelectionAnimation Digimon card for exclusive use of D

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