Digimon - KENJI WATANABE EDITION VPet (Ver.MetalGreymon/ Ver.Numemon) [INSTOCK]

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Congratulations! Commemorating ❝DIGIMON CON❞!
A "digital monster" with a design drawn by Digimon designer Kenji Watanabe printed on the entire product!
-Special specification with the "DIGIMON CON" logo on the LCD screen! ~

There are two types in the lineup: "Ver. Metal Greymon" and "Ver. Numemon".
The main body adopts printing technology using a UV printer, and a design drawn by Kenji Watanabe is printed on the entire surface to achieve a powerful appearance. It has become a memorial and art dish that has never been seen before.
The "DIGIMON COM" logo is also designed on the LCD screen.
*The design of the LCD screen is not designed by Kenji Watanabe.

The product itself and the program use "Digimon Original" sold overseas.
"Digimon Original" is the "Digital Monster ver.20th" series, which features all the Digimon + α that appeared in the first-generation Digital Monster Ver. However, it is a product that has been localized overseas by translating the character display in the game into English.
This product is the first to be released in Japan using the main body and program of "Digimon Original".

* "DIGITAL MONSTER KENJI WATANABE EDITION Ver. Metal Greymon" uses the same main unit and program as the "Digimon Original" series, which is an overseas localization of "DIGITAL MONSTER ver. 20th Original Brown". The characters displayed in the game are in English.
*"DIGITAL MONSTER KENJI WATANABE EDITION Ver. Numemon" uses the same main unit and program as the "Digimon Original" series, which is an overseas localization of "DIGITAL MONSTER ver.20th Original Gray". The characters displayed in the game are in English.

Kenji Watanabe Edition Vpet.....1
Instruction manual.........................1

Release date End JULY 2023 in Japan
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