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Digimon Pendulum” 25th anniversary! A further reprint version of "Digimon Pendulum COLOR" equipped with a color LCD is now available! 

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of Digimon Pendulum, which was released in October 1998 as the successor to the original Digital Monster series and gained popularity as a liquid crystal toy with a built-in pendulum, The "Digimon Pendulum COLOR" series has been renewed with a color LCD. As a sequel, we will release ``Digimon Pendulum COLOR 4 WIND GUARDIANS'', ``Digimon Pendulum COLOR 5 METAL EMPIRE'', and ``Digimon Pendulum COLOR ZERO Virus Bs''.
There are three main body colors: original green bronze from "Digimon Pendulum 4.0", original black red from "Digimon Pendulum 5.0", and original pearl white gold from "Digimon Pendulum ZERO". This is the first time that the body colors of WIND GUARDIANS and METAL EMPIRE have been reprinted.
The exterior of the main body is designed based on the shape of the original version released in 1998, similar to the previously released "Digimon Pendulum COLOR 1", "Digimon Pendulum COLOR 2", and "Digimon Pendulum COLOR 3", with a color LCD and rechargeable battery. Built-in design without sacrificing size.
The LCD also continues to be equipped with a color LCD. Not only did the characters become colored, but it was also possible to change the background design, which was not possible at the time. It is also possible to obtain new background images through the communication function with different versions, including the already released "Digital Monster COLOR" and "Digimon Pendulum COLOR" series.
Furthermore, communication battles are also possible with the "Digivice -25th COLOR EVOLUTION-" series.
"Digimon Pendulum COLOR 4 WIND GUARDIANS" includes a total of 32 characters such as V-dramon and Lilimon, "Digimon Pendulum COLOR 5 METAL EMPIRE" includes a total of 32 characters such as Metal Greymon (vaccine type) and Cyberdramon, "Digimon Pendulum COLOR ZERO Virus Bs'' includes a total of 33 characters, including Holy Angemon and WarGreymon. Digimon +α that was included in versions ``4.5'' and ``5.5'' at that time is also included in each version. There is also an evolution route that can be unlocked by communicating with a different version of Digimon Pendulum COLOR.
It also has a jogless function that is typical of Digimon Pendulum.
By combining specific Digimon, it is possible to evolve into completely new Digimon or even Digimon that could not be evolved with the products at the time. There are also other Digimon that can be evolved by Jogress within each version of "Digimon Pendulum COLOR" or in specific combinations with different versions.
*Digimon evolved by jogging with different versions will appear in each version in the following combinations.
・"Digimon Pendulum COLOR 2" & "Digimon Pendulum COLOR 4"
・"Digimon Pendulum COLOR 3" & "Digimon Pendulum COLOR ZERO"
・"Digimon Pendulum COLOR 5" & "Digimon Pendulum COLOR ZERO"
*"Digimon Pendulum COLOR 4" includes one Digimon that can only evolve by jogging with the already released "Digimon Pendulum COLOR 2".
*"Digimon Pendulum COLOR ZERO" contains one Digimon that can only evolve by jogging with the already released "Digimon Pendulum COLOR 3".
The training and battle effects reproduce the nostalgic effects of those days, while the "pendulum" function is supported by an acceleration sensor. Depending on the number of times you shake the main unit, the training results and attack power in battle will change, so you can enjoy "Pendulum" just like the original.
It also has a battle mode that can be played by one person without communication.
This product also has extensive user support functions, and the speed of development has been increased compared to the 1998 version.
In addition, it is equipped with a cold mode in which growth stops while the Digimon is kept cold, and its stomach and muscle strength do not decrease, as well as a backup system that allows you to save up to one Digimon you are training as a backup. Digimon saved in the backup system can also be used as a Jogress partner when there is no communication partner.
Wind Guardians COLOR Original Green Bronze.....1
Metal Emprie COLOR Original Black Red..................1
Zero COLOR Original Pearl White Gold.....................1
Charging Cable....................................................................1
Instruction Manual.............................................................1

Each COLOR Vpet sold separately.


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