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From the anime "Digimon Adventure 02" broadcast from 2000 to 2001 , the characters Daisuke Motomiya and Ken Ichijoji using "D-3" will be commercialized under the "SuperCompleteSelectionAnimation" series!

The main body has been newly designed to reproduce the texture of rubber by insert molding, and a high-resolution full-color liquid crystal is built in to achieve a beautiful screen display. It has become a design close to the setting picture.

In addition, various character voices are recorded for each ver. Ver. Daisuke Motomiya contains many newly shot voices of Daisuke Motomiya and his partner Digimon V-mon (including its evolutionary form).
Including the theme song "Target ~Red Impact~", many impressive insert songs and BGM in the play are recorded. In addition, it is also possible to activate the character's lines while playing the music.

For the first time in SCSA history, this product has two modes, and ver. Daisuke Motomiya can switch between real world mode and digital world mode. The music also changes.

In addition, it is equipped with a voice input function, and it is possible for Digimon to evolve into armor with your own voice as a trigger. It contains the largest number of evolution phases in the history of the SCSA series, and all Digimon are equipped with evolution banks just like in the play.
After evolution, you can listen to the Digimon's dialogue, and you can also activate the Digimon's special move.

In addition, you can play commentary on all 15 Digimon with the voice of the narrator (Hiroaki Hirata). There are plenty of other functions, such as playing back commentary scenes after the Digimon evolves like in the play, or searching for Digimentals in a simulated manner.

Communication is possible with "SCSA D-3 ver. Daisuke Motomiya" and "SCSA D-3 ver. Ken Ichijoji", and different dialogue lines are activated depending on the combination of modes when communicating. In addition, you will be able to activate the Jogress Evolution to Paildramon's interaction version.
In addition, the final special version of the song "Butter-fly" will also be playable.

In addition to the main body, a card of the Digimon card game "Daisuke Motomiya & Ken Ichijoji" is also included.
It is a parallel specification card with newly drawn illustrations.

* The contents of the attached card are the same for both types.
*This card may be distributed at a later date in a "Digimon Card Game" related promotion.
*This card is a parallel of the card already released in Bandai's "Digimon Card Game".

SuperCompleteSelectionAnimation D-3 Body.........................1
Digimon Card Game "Daisuke Motomiya & Ken Ichijoji"....1 (JAPANESE CARD)

Each set sold separately.


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