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When the cover is put on, the LCD changes to Sumikko! Remove the cover and it changes to game mode! Sumikko's expression will change with your touch actions such as petting, shaking, tilting, etc. ♪ Play with Sumikko in both Friend Mode and Game Mode and become friends with him!

Friend Mode
Attach the included Shirokuma/Tokage Sumikko cover to the device and the LCD will change to Sumikko!

>Skinship・・・Pat Sumikko on the head, shake her head, and do other actions to interact with Sumikko! Sumiko will react to your actions.
>Exploration・・・Wear Sumikko cover on the main unit and walk around a lot to get items.
>Jarekko Game・・・There are 5 kinds of games that you can enjoy while having skinship with Sumikko.

Game Mode
When you remove the cover, you can take care of Sumikko by pressing the buttons. You can feed Sumikko, bathe her, etc. If you take care of Sumikko a lot, your "friend degree" will increase! There may be a surprise for Sumikko's birthday and special days!

>Sumikko Atsume・・・Get Sumikko by using traps. 150 Sumikko and Minikko are available!
>Mini-games・・・・Let's play a total of 6 kinds of games! You can get Sumikko coins when you clear the games.
>Sumikko Market・・・・You can shop with Sumikcoins collected from games.
Library・・・・You can see the items and Sumikko that you have acquired. Let's collect as many Sumiccoins as you can!

Set Contents
Battery : AAA alkaline batteries x 2 (sold separately)
Package Size: W250 x H150 x D40mm
Ages: 6 and up
Company : Takara Tomy


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