Digimon COLOR Vpet (Ver.3 Original Purple / Ver.4 Original Clear Red / Ver.5 Original Clear Green) [INSTOCK]

Color: Ver. 3 Original Purple
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Commemorating the 25th anniversary of the birth of "Digital Monster"! A further reprint version of "DIGITAL MONSTER COLOR" with a color LCD is now available! ~ A major renewal of the popular color of the 1998 version as a modern version! ~

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the birth of digital monsters, the LCD toy "Digital Monster Ver.3 ~ Ver.5" released in 1998 has been renewed to color LCD "Digital Monster COLOR Ver.3" "Digital Monster COLOR Ver." 4” and “Digital Monster COLOR Ver.5”. All body colors will be reprinted for the first time this time. The exterior of the main unit is designed based on the shape of the original version released in 1997, similar to the released "DIGITAL MONSTER COLOR" and "DIGITAL MONSTER COLOR Ver. Not only did the characters become colored, but it became possible to change the background design, which was not possible at the time. It is also possible to obtain new background images by communicating with different versions of "DIGITAL MONSTER COLOR" and "DIGITAL MONSTER COLOR Ver.2" which have already been released.

In addition, you can play by charging the built-in rechargeable battery with the included charging cable which supports USB Type-C. The Digimon that appear are reconfigured by sorting them by version based on the lineup at the time of release in 1998. "DIGITAL MONSTER COLOR Ver.3" has 20 bodies such as Patamon and Ogremon, "DIGITAL MONSTER COLOR Ver.4" has 19 bodies such as Biyomon and Kuwagamon, and "DIGITAL MONSTER COLOR Ver.5" has , All 19 bodies such as Gazimon and Dark Tyrannomon are included. It is possible to evolve all Perfect Digimon to Ultimate level. There will also be Digimon that merge by communicating with different versions. * Digimon after combining will appear in the following combinations in common for each version. The training and battle productions reproduce the nostalgic production of the products of the time, and each version is equipped with the training function that appeared in the 1998 version of "Digital Monster Ver.3 to Ver.5". It also has a battle mode that can be played alone without communication. This product has a full range of user support functions, and compared to the 1998 version, the training speed has been increased.

In addition, it has a cold mode that stops growth while it is cold and does not lose stomach or muscle strength, and a backup system that can save up to one Digimon under training as a backup. The design of the package will be reprinted for the first time as well as the main body color. While reproducing the design of the product at that time, it has added foil stamping. The seal on the liquid crystal part of the blister has also changed from the black and white that was used at the time to color. 

Digmon COLOR Vpet Ver. 3 Original Purple.................1
Digmon COLOR Vpet Ver. 4 Original Clear Red...........1
Digmon COLOR Vpet Ver. 5 Original Clear Green......1
Charging Cable.........................................................................1

Each COLOR Vpet sold separately.


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